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Andrew Robertt


Andrew Robertt won fans with the launch of Shortland Street in 1992. His character of gentle, fun-loving nurse Steve Mills provided moments both comical and dramatic — including his 1994 death in an exploding car. In 1997 Robertt won a TV Guide Film Award for playing "hopeless romantic" Geoff in Topless Women Talk About their Lives. Credited as Andrew Binns until roughly 2002, he has played villain (The Legend of Wiliam Tell), policeman (2012 TV movie Siege) and suspect (cop series Interrogation). He has also taken on many accents, including a Roman commander (Roman Empire) and an Italian-American gangster (The Making of the Mob).

...because most of the New Zealand population is deranged. Okay, I'm kidding. Andrew Robertt on why Shortland Street became a hit, The Listener, 20 March 1994