Arwen O’Connor, co-founder of production house Ruckus Media, wanted to get into TV from an early age. After turning her hand to a myriad of behind the scenes roles – runner, caterer and wardrobe assistant – the lightbulb moment came when she was offered a job as production manager on Ice TV. Production has been a perfect fit, as O'Connor carves out a successful career as a factual/documentary producer.

The first work experience I had, I spent the day with a commercials producer, and it was just so exciting because they did 75 different things in the day — and I went ‘Gosh, you’d never get bored doing this!' Arwen O'Connor

Patrick Gower: On Weed

2019, Producer - Television


2018, Producer - Television

Awa - Born this Way

2017, Producer - Television

Not My Fate

2017, Producer - Television

What Next?

2017, Producer - Television

Mind Over Money with Nigel Latta

2016 - ongoing, Executive Producer, Producer - Television

The Hard Stuff with Nigel Latta

2016, Producer - Television

Nigel Blows Stuff Up

2015, Producer - Television

On Thin Ice - Nigel Latta in Antartica

2015, Producer - Television

Nigel Latta

2014, Producer - Television

Surviving Teen Driving

2012, Producer - Television

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Grown Ups

2012, Producer - Television

After the Quake

2011, Producer - Television

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers

2011, Producer - Television

The Topp Twins and the APO

2010, Producer - Television

Serj Tankian: Elect the Dead Symphony

2010, Producer - Television

12 Hour Non-Stop Gig

2009, Producer - Television

Gin Wigmore and the Cardinals

2009, Producer - Television

Rocked the Nation: 100 Pop Culture Moments

2009, Executive Producer, Producer - Television

Choice Cuts

2008, Executive Producer - Television

The Crunchie Comedy Gala

2008, Producer

Inside Story: The Wahine Disaster

2008, Production Accountant - Television

Made in 2008, this documentary chronicles the Wahine disaster, from the ship leaving Lyttelton to the last survivor being pulled out of the water. Interviewees share their experiences — some make it ashore in life rafts at Seatoun, others are washed up on the “battlefield” of the Pencarrow coast. The Wahine’s crew offer insight into the conditions the ship was sailing in, and of their gradual realisation that it couldn’t be saved. The TV One programme also features animated scenes of the ill-fated journey, which mimic the black and white news footage of the disaster unfolding.

Cadbury Dream Model Search

2006, Producer - Television

Dave Dobbyn - One Night in Matatā

2005, Executive Producer - Television

After floods swept through the Bay of Plenty town of Matatā in May 2005, musician Dave Dobbyn decided to drop by and see how the locals were doing. One Night in Matata is built around a free concert which Dobbyn and his band performed during the visit. Also included are conversations with townspeople, about the day heavy rains caused torrents of water and debris to sweep through Matatā. Dobbyn remains upbeat, praising the locals for their kindness and community spirit. Later some of the local children join him on stage for 'Slice of Heaven'. 

Blood Harmony - The Finn Brothers Live in Concert

2005, Producer - Television


2004, Producer - Music video

Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

2006 - 2011, Producer - Television

A Bleeding Heart

2003, Producer - Music video

Comedy Gala

2010, Producer - Television


2001, Producer - Music video

Pepsi Chart

2001 - 2002, Producer - Television

Most Wanted

2000 - 2002, Producer - Television


2000 - 2003, Associate Producer - Television

Late night music show Space launched on TV2 in 2000, with a pair of hosts introducing live performances, interviews, music videos and occasional silliness. The show marked the first ongoing screen gig for Jaquie Brown, who appeared with future X Factor New Zealand host Dominic Bowden. When Bowden left in 2002, he was replaced by Hugh Sundae. The final season was helmed by Jo Tuapawa and ex Space researcher Phil Bostwick. Space was made by production company Satellite Media, whose credits include many shows involving music (Ground Zero, Rocked the Nation).