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Briar March

Director, Editor, Camera

Briar March released her first feature-length documentary, 2004's Allie Eagle and Me — about artist Allie Eagle — the same year she got a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Auckland University's Elam School of Fine Arts. Her global warming documentary There Once Was an Island (2010) was invited to 50+ festivals, and won a raft of awards. After studies at California's prestigious Stanford University and a string of short films, the Fulbright scholar returned downunder, and directed social housing documentary A Place to Call Home. In 2017 she helmed musical short The Coffin Club, which won six million+ views online. 

For documentaries I mostly seek out the ones that break conventions, mix mediums, and tell stories in unique and fresh ways. I am especially inspired by documentaries that have a raw and honest quality to them, and make us feel deeply moved in some way. Briar March in an interview with The Lumière Reader, 14 December 2015