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Nevan Rowe

Actor, Production Manager

Former journalist Nevan Rowe made a high profile big screen acting debut as Gloria, the estranged wife of Sam Neill’s Smith in landmark feature Sleeping Dogs (1977). She also co-starred in 1980 kids movie Nutcase, as mad scientist Evil Eva. Rowe worked off-screen in casting and as a production manager, and in 1989 directed short film Gordon Bennett, starring Andy Anderson. She passed away in April 2016.

I’ve always worked in film, starting out as a television news and current affairs journalist. When you're young you think you can change the world, but sandwiched between TV commercials and situation comedy it’s not so easy. I always loved acting and make believe so I decided to switch. You can still move people a little, make them laugh and cry and maybe change things as well… Nevan Rowe, on shifting from reporting to acting, in the press kit for Sleeping Dogs