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Hero image for A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

Film (Trailer) – 2015

They're playing directly with the essence of what is to be a human being. We have really forgotten how important it is for humans to have this secure space that they can call home.
– Interviewee
My three children, they were all born in this house. 30 years, that's how long I've been in this house. 30 years.
– Betty Kanuta, after being given 90 days to vacate her home
I sort of have dreams about looking out over here, and watching the kids walking to school through the forest of fruit trees, picking some fruit.
– Interviewee, on the new community in Kaitaia
What I hope my film can do for audiences is allow them to see the bigger picture—the good and the bad of New Zealand’s housing situation, and also be reminded about the Kiwi values we all hold around housing. This includes the importance of belonging to a community, having a connection to a place, feeling a sense of security knowing that you won’t have to move against your will and that your children can stay in their school until they graduate, and living in a dry and healthy home.
– Director Briar March, in an interview with website The Lumière Reader, December 2015