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An Abbreviated Life: Sarah's Story Living with Cystic Fibrosis

Television (Full Length) – 2008

There’s a constant level of worry and a long-term grief.
– Andrea Hitchings (Sarah’s mother)
We want a cure within her lifetime. But still, it’s an abbreviated life.
– Andrea Hitchings (Sarah’s mother)
Congratulations on capturing what is a very moving tribute to a very special girl. I strongly believe through this work once again the arts community has shown what an important place it has in bringing awareness and providing insights to issues faced within the community.
– Dr Faten Zaibak, The Stem Cell Research Laboratory, Department of Pathology, University of Melbourne
I found the documentary truly captivating and especially Hitchings. It showed her warts and all – a lovely beautiful young woman, but also one with temper tantrums, frustrations, family stresses and of course her struggle to cope with cystic fibrosis. The producers have done a superb job of letting it speak for itself without over dramatising it.
– David Farrar on Kiwiblog