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Auckland Daze - Series One

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2011

What you need to do Millen is go and shag the first woman you see, for revenge.
– Wanda (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) to her son
He looks like a malnourished greyhound.
– Glen watches Millen on the catwalk, in episode six
I’ve missed you, sweetheart. No one to share apple crumble with.
– Wanda (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) to her son during their emotional reunion, in episode six
Man, I was seriously thinking about taking her to Disneyland.
– A lovesick Millen, in episode three
A couple of options come to mind.
– Millen when asked how he thinks he might die, during a bad date with Jodie Rimmer, in episode three
Do you know how I know you guys are my friends? 'Cause I can take the piss outta ya. Then use it as a sample when I get pulled over and drug tested.
– Fasitua professes his love to the other guys, in episode six