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Hero image for Ben and Olivia: The Search for Truth

Ben and Olivia: The Search for Truth

Television (Full Length) – 2002

It was a challenge: 'you prove that I murdered your daughter'.
– Gerald Hope on how he interpreted a look that Scott Watson gave him in the trial
I can't honestly point a finger and say [that] the hairs were planted. I can say that there's a lot that's not right about the way that they were handled.
– Chris Watson
I think the reason both fathers agreed to take part is they both need to shake the tree and see what comes down, what's new that hasn't fallen before.
– Director John Keir in The NZ Herald, 7 May 2002
I think if Scott had done it he would have confessed. That's his history: if he does something wrong he tells ya.
– Scott Watson's father Chris
The conviction was obviously important to the nation, the judiciary, the police, and everybody associated with us. But the only thing I really ever, ever … and still want, is to know what happened. And that’s the truth, and we accept that the truth doesn’t necessarily come out of a guilty conviction.
– Gerald Hope