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Coming Home - Richard O'Brien & Patrick Power

Television (Full Length) – 1999

There's a silent question that I would imagine most people are asking themselves, because they've seen this and they're looking at this behind me here [Mount Maunganui] and they must be wondering why the hell did I leave it? It's beautiful. It doesn't get any better than this anywhere in the world.
– Richard O'Brien
The guy never changes, does he? Once he shaved his hair off — when he still had hair, you could see the changes taking place, as the hair receded. But once he shaved the whole lot off, he's never changed.
– Robin Smith, Richard O'Brien's brother
The standards generally in Australasia are much higher than people down here realise they are. 'Oh well it must have been marvelous when you did this in such and such theatre abroad'. And you think 'well it's a lot better here'. I've seen some very dodgy performances at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.
– Patrick Power, on opera standards overseas