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Country Calendar - Spoofs Special

Television (Full Length) – 1999

Ask Country Calendar viewers which shows they remember and inevitably the answer is "the spoofs" — satirical episodes that screened unannounced. Sometimes there was outrage but mostly the public enjoyed having the wool pulled over their eyes. Created by producer Tony Trotter and Bogor cartoonist Burton Silver, the first (in late 1977) was the fencing wire-playing farmer and his "rural music". This special episode collects the best of the spoofs, from the infamous radio-controlled dog, to the gay couple who ran a "stress-free" flock, and more malarkey besides.

After the bionic dog experience clues are now included, usually near the end, which fall just short of a written warning that the item is not to be taken seriously.
– The Evening Post, 10 June 1991, page 3 (TV Week pullout)

Key Cast & Crew

Tony Benny

Reporter, Director - No-Stress Farming

Michael Hacking

Editor - Musical Fence

Peter Sharp

As: No-Stress farmer

Sandy Pantall

Editor - No-Stress Farming

Peter Hayden

Reporter, Director - Musical Fence

William Southgate

Composer - Musical Fence

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