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Cowboys of Culture Television (Full Length) – 1990 Documentary Arts/Culture

Cowboys of Culture

Television (Full Length) – 1990 Documentary Arts/Culture

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The thing that was maybe unique about that particular film [Pork Pie] is that it was made by an extended family, and there were kids everywhere. That was fortunate for me, because as my character went along I used to watch the kids and copy them and do all the yahoo stuff.
– Kelly Johnson on Goodbye Pork Pie
These are the areas [special effects safety] where a little experience could actually help!
– Sam Neill wryly reflects on close calls during the Sleeping Dogs shoot
What the hell?! Run!
– Bullen (Ian Mune) in Sleeping Dogs
Getting anything going at that stage, getting a feature film going ... was like an impossible task. John O'Shea and all hadn't really done anything in the last 20 years or so up until when we got Sleeping Dogs off the ground. I just had this crazy ambition that we could make some 35mm features in New Zealand ... putting colour stock in the cameras ... you know, we managed to do it.
– Roger Donaldson on getting Sleeping Dogs going
Sleeping Dogs hit Queen St. And Sleeping Dogs was the one that said to the public: 'we're here and we're doing it'. It allowed the government of the day to use the opening night of that movie to announce the formation of the New Zealand Film Commission.
– Ian Mune on the influence of Sleeping Dogs