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Funny Business - Excerpts Television (Excerpts) – 1988 - 1991 Comedy

Funny Business - Excerpts

Television (Excerpts) – 1988 - 1991 Comedy

M Mature
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Awesome outfit have their show on DVD

laurence  cooper

laurence cooper 14 Aug 2013 - 10.59pm

@Dominie: there is a Funny Business DVD available. Best get in touch with Comedia Pictures:

Paul Ward

Paul Ward (NZ On Screen team) 24 Jun 2013 - 10.30am

any chance of seeing more or getting copy's

Dominie Till

Dominie Till 19 Jun 2013 - 04.04am

I wish they could put all of the episodes on here. I was an extra in some when I went to Selwyn.

Mrs Pitt

Mrs Pitt 29 Jul 2012 - 09.23am

I remember being involved in filming a sketch with them that never made it into the program.
Actually my entire class from Remuera Intermediate was involved in it.
They filmed a bit playing rugby against us and pushing us over because they were such big kids (adults):)
I was also a kid who had been to the dentist and came in with a note handing it to the camera for the teacher to send out one of the guys.
I think we got to see the finished result later on but it was never on tv.
One of the other boys in our class "Daniel Robinson" was in some other sketches with them that did appear on tv.

Cameron Waddel

Cameron Waddel 3 May 2012 - 03.38pm

Can we get "NZ, NZ we've got lots of sheep, if only we could sell some that would be real neat" I am pretty sure it was from this show!


Rod 10 Sep 2011 - 08.20am

Great to see these clips! Would love to see more especially Punks of Peace!


george 19 Aug 2011 - 09.30pm

I have been trying to see the Anus clip for years. Thanks for putting these clips on. Can I request out of it man? Pud? and the Corn song?

Dave Whitaker

Dave Whitaker 21 Jun 2011 - 03.31pm

Lucy looked extremely beautiful in her skit.

David Kashfi

David Kashfi 8 Apr 2011 - 08.54am

I think the skits have something special about them in that the humor is easy 2 follow and captured a unique part of our rough as gutz kiwi culture back then. Since those days things have changed with the technology boom and PC attitudes,all of which sucks the humor out of society, because no ones doing the things in these skits any more, they are addicted 2 online activities and social networking etc ... norman the mormon is a classic!

Floyd Clotworthy

Floyd Clotworthy 7 Apr 2011 - 11.18pm

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