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Hero image for Give Me Your Number

Give Me Your Number

ArdijahMusic Video – 1986

New Zealand was still a rock country and there was us in uniforms, with drum machines and dance moves. We had to win over every audience, but we were fearless. Collectively, we’d done thousands of gigs, we knew we had a hot band, so I guess it’s like when the Commodores or someone hits the stage: ‘it’s going to be funky and if you don’t like it, too bad.'
– Keyboard player Simon Lynch talks about Ardijah's determination to bring the funk in the 1980s, AudioCulture, 8 November 2018
I’d watch when we threw our own song into the set – ‘Give Me Your Number’ or ‘Time Makes a Wine’ – to see what happened, and people stayed on the dance floor. I was worried, you know, that they’d be 'oh, this is stink, I don’t know it.'
– Lead vocalist Betty-Anne Monga on introducing original material to Ardijah's nightclub set in the 1980s, AudioCulture, 8 November 2018