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Hero image for Jocko - Man with a Gun

Jocko - Man with a Gun

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1981

I’m a thief and he’s a cop. We’re both in the same line of business. But he can’t get rid of me and it eats into his guts like a worm into a rotten apple. Oh yeah, I‘m a thief but he’s something worse and he knows it.
– Brindle (Norm Keesing)
Jocko is a pretty together sort of guy. He’s seen a lot of life and death, has the wisdom of experience. He’s an itinerant because he doesn’t want to settle down. He’s a South Islander, one of those Southland or Central Otago people who are a breed unto themselves. Truly magnificent people. Salt of the earth.
– Bruce Allpress on his character Jocko, The Listener, 10 May 1980, page 16
We’re finally getting away from the slow ‘meaningful’ type of a drama to a more fast paced script. This isn’t kidult drama, neither is it a travelogue of South Island scenery. This has real action.
– Producer Mark DeFriest, The Listener, 10 May 1980, page 16