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Hero image for Kaleidoscope - Geoff Murphy and Andrew Brown

Kaleidoscope - Geoff Murphy and Andrew Brown

Television (Full Length) – 1981

I think that television can take most of the credit for the establishment of the New Zealand film industry, because their negative attitude towards filmmakers in the private sector has forced us into the cinemas, and it's forced this amazing development.
– Geoff Murphy
Yes I wrote the script. I suppose I wanted to, but I justified that by saying 'I don't know anyone who could have written it'. I mean English writers are very urban; they wouldn't understand this place. And I found when I wrote it I just used a lot of sort of memories that I had of coming down here [the West Coast] in the forties as a kid ... it was a pleasure to write.
– Writer/producer Andrew Brown on why he wrote the script for Bad Blood, near the end of this documentary
...it's my home; I like it here. I quite enjoyed being in Australia last year, and when I put my hand in my pocket I'd come out with money in it. You know, that was quite novel and a good experience ... I like working in Australia for a short time, but I prefer New Zealand. I'm prejudiced I guess.
– Geoff Murphy on working in New Zealand and Australia
There's a thing about the government dominance of television, that it sort of has a departmental feel about it. I think there's a thing about being secure in your job, in that sense that you can be forgiven quite grevious mistakes and still maintain your job ... it puts limits on how creative you can be I think.
– Geoff Murphy contrasts working in television and working independently, early in this documentary
...I remember Geoff telling bad jokes, and I expected him to grow up and become an anarchist. He was a potential anarchist at school.
– Andrew Brown remembers his old school colleague Geoff Murphy, near the end of this documentary
...I don't think a submissive society makes for a good society. I think that you have to question what the police do, so that they feel a sense of their limits themselves.
– Goodbye Pork Pie director and co-writer Geoff Murphy, at the end of this documentary