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Hero image for Koha - Nga Pikitia Māori

Koha - Nga Pikitia Māori

Television (Full Length) – 1987

One of the tragedies is to try and get our own people to actually be strong enough to say "yep, we’ve got something to offer".
– Barry Barclay discusses the need for confidence among Māori filmmakers
We have to have more self-assurance, and be more assertive in the film industry and in television. We do have to have the confidence to say that we are capable of making films.
– Director Merata Mita on Māori in the film industry
Rudall always believed that we should make films of our history.
– Ramai Hayward discusses her husband Rudall's work to showcase Māori history through film
We’ve got the writers, we’ve got the artists, and we need filmmakers with authority who can interpret our emotions, our feelings. Because that’s something that nobody else can do for us. No Pākehā can do it for us.
– Māori screen legend Ramai Hayward
We are capable of doing what many people believe we couldn’t do, and what many people say we still can’t do.
– Director Merata Mita on Māori in the film industry