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Hero image for Loading Docs 2015 - Gina

Loading Docs 2015 - Gina

Web (Full Length) – 2015

It would give me great peace of mind knowing I have a choice. I can decide when the time is right for me to end my suffering in a dignified way.
– Gina on euthanasia, in a 27 July 2015 NZ Herald article
We built up a picture of Gina’s situation and position that she, and only she, should have the right to choose whether or not she goes on living. We felt that if we could just communicate this to an audience it would go right to the heart of why there needs to be a law change in New Zealand.
– Co-directors Wendell Cooke and Jeremy Macey, on the Loading Docs website
We feel strongly about the issue, we’d rather that it caused some stir and bring attention and get people talking, rather than glide by politely.
– Co-director Wendell Cooke, in an interview for website The Wireless, 15 July 2015