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Loading Docs 2016 - Street Smart

Web (Full Length) – 2016

I’m looking at you. Do you see me, not what’s going on around me, but do you see me?
– Regina Tito
Whether that’s in the form of hello, a conversation, eye contact, a smile … those were the contacts that were the most important: people acknowledging him, each of us …
– Regina Tito, on the importance of being acknowledged while living on the street
It is warm, and you can lock the doors, so that's safety.
– Regina Tito on why public toilets were preferable to stairwells for sleeping, in an interview with The Wellingtonian, 28 July 2016
When I returned to Wellington after spending a year away I was shocked and saddened by the increasing numbers of homeless. What stunned me even more was the lack of empathy and understanding towards these individuals. When ‘change’ was chosen as the theme for Loading Docs this year, I knew that this was the type of change I wanted to urge.
– Director Leigh Minarapa