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The Mystery of North Head

Television (Full Length) – 1992

Riddled with old military tunnels, Auckland’s North Head has long been the focus of speculation. In this documentary Philip Alpers explores theories that a hidden tunnel network contains tonnes of decaying ammunition — and two old Boeing airplanes. Archeologist Dave Veart sets about finding the truth. The man responsible for closing the tunnels says there's nothing there; others recall seeing a plane. Filmmaker John Earnshaw is convinced of its existence. Earnshaw would spend years battling the crown in court, over claims of a breached agreement to search North Head.

I'm the man who was responsible for closing North Head, and I would be the one responsible for leaving any ammunition there. And I am a responsible person and I certainly am not aware that I even left one shell on North Head.
– Former Major Reginald Nutsford

Key Cast & Crew

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Philip Alpers


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Peter Thompson


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John Earnshaw


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Steven Mountjoy


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John Cathcart

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