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Hero image for Winners & Losers: After the Depression

Winners & Losers: After the Depression

Television (Full Length) – 1976

Bill Morrison is a man on a mission. His wife and child can't walk nearly as fast. As the trio head toward the mining settlement where a new job awaits, Bill is about to react in different ways to two very different surprises — one from his wife, and one at the mine. This half-hour drama from the Winners & Losers series is based on a Maurice Shadbolt story, which later fed into Shadbolt's decade-in-the-making novel Strangers and Journeys. Singer turned advertising veteran Clyde Scott plays Bill. Actor and public speaking expert Jane Thomas John plays the nameless, long-suffering wife. 

It is a hard, uncompromising story about an uncompromising man. This is, incidentally, one of the reasons why the cutting style in the film works. It is a very hard cutting style on a very hard character.
– Director Roger Donaldson in 1977 Department of Education booklet After the Depression - Shooting Script

Produced by

Aardvark-Mune Productions