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Nothing Trivial - First Episode Television (Excerpts) – 2011 Drama Comedy

Nothing Trivial - First Episode

Television (Excerpts) – 2011 Drama Comedy

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What colour is Vine Street on the Monopoly board?
– A pub quiz question from the show
Sex on a Stick might all be losers in love, but through the noble and pointless art of pub trivia, maybe they can finally be winners.
– From publicity material for the show
New local series Nothing Trivial seems to have been ordered up just for me. It made me laugh: “It would be like rooting a cheese grater.” It made me cry. I mean, really cry. “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” It made me learn stuff: the 54th element on the periodic table is xenon. What more do you want out of a TV show?
– Deborah Hill Cone reviewing the first episode, 17 July 2011 NZ Herald
Every once in a while, a programme comes along that is specially created just for 43-year-old, angsty, Scrabble-playing, red-wine-drinking solo mothers from Parnell with a shameful stock of random pop-culture factoids. Not awfully often, I’ll grant you, but when they do, it’s just spooky.
– Deborah Hill Cone reviewing this episode, 17 July 2011, NZ Herald