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Hero image for Off the Edge

Off the Edge

Film (Excerpts) – 1977

Parental Guidance
Harley Storey
Harley Storey
28 Jan 2020 - 08.46pm
Michael Firth was my friends Andrew & Guy's uncle. I remember their dad Dave Firth telling my dad about this movie when I was a kid. I think it was going to be on TV or something and he was pretty proud of his brother. Unfortunately we didn’t have a TV to watch it. Good times and great memories though.
Mike ryan
Mike ryan
15 Apr 2015 - 11.02pm
Saw this film in the 70s in NZ. From that day I wanted to do hang gliding, but had to wait until the day I turned 17 in 1981. Fantastic inspirational film.
Mike Hibbit
Mike Hibbit
29 Mar 2015 - 10.01am
Fabulous! I used to have a video of this film too. Great filming and music to match. Love the preparation for flight sequence - takes me back to learning to hang glide near Brighton, England in 1975 - and the flying shots are magic.
Must try to get the DVD.
26 Sep 2014 - 09.39pm
I remembered watching this on TV growing up in Christchurch - on the back door I saw the Southern Alps during the winter months with snow on the Alps. These guys are the pioneers on such filming in adverse conditions to make truly awesome footage of New Zealand beauty...that even after I moved overseas 30 yrs its still a beautiful country that makes me appreciate every time I go home to New Zealand that it still the same when I departed New Zealand for its pristine mountains & National Parks.
Deb kingsland
Deb kingsland
24 Oct 2013 - 07.32pm
Loved it for different reasons, I owned a pony named George with a white question mark shape on his head. That was him in this film!
Bruce Hudson
Bruce Hudson
10 May 2012 - 09.31am
I just want to credit the most excellent music to John Hanlon with his song "Higher Trails". He has a couple of new albums: Just Quietly and 12 Shades of Blue, both of which are excellent and are available through Marbecks.
Charles Eggen
30 Jun 2011 - 02.09pm
The dvd of the film can be purchased from various nz sources for about $20. Three such are:


30 Jun 2011 - 04.31am
Great film! Used to own it on video as a kid! Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this film or the soundtrack list?
19 Aug 2010 - 08.58am
Hi Marty - there is a follow-up film called The Leading Edge. You can see it in full here: http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/the-leading-edge-1987
martha campbell
martha campbell
19 Aug 2010 - 05.03am
Hi Mike,although I've seen this wonderful adventure film more than 100 times its such a buzz to see it again and actually have a copy.Is there a sequel ??? marty campbell
Charles Eggen
13 Jul 2010 - 11.02am
Thanks Mike - I have placed an order.
mikef firth
12 Jul 2010 - 03.49pm
we now have an off the edge website www.offtheedge.co.nz dvd's will be available to purchase from end of july
mike firth director
Erica Mason
Erica Mason
11 May 2010 - 02.10am
I loved this film when I was a teenager and am so glad I found these clips - please, please release it as a DVD it is brilliant and inspirational and would be wonderful for today's newcomers to ski touring, off piste and backcountry skiing. Thanks so much!
Charles Eggen
8 Apr 2010 - 09.13am
Thank you, thank you for this, or should I say "Thanks" to Michael Firth for allowing you to do this. Now perhaps you can get him to make it available on DVD. Since both 'The Leading Edge' and 'Off The Edge' have never found their way to dvd, it would seem appropriate to put both on one DL DVD. The Billy T. James fans would welcome the former and the skiing/hang gliding fans would carry the latter. In the meanwhile, I will have a link to this page to help steer folks to another great example at your wonderful site.
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