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Hero image for Poi E: The Story of Our Song

Poi E: The Story of Our Song

Film (Trailer) – 2016

'They want you to perform at the Royal Command Performance in Scotland.' I said 'We haven't got any money to do that!' And so I went and mortgaged my house.
– Dalvanius Prime
It lifted the whole community out of the [post-freezing works closure] doldrums. It just gave pride back to a lot of us and we felt we were someone again rather than nobody - and that our town was something rather than nothing.
– John Nyman, Patea Māori Club, NZ Herald 2010's a warm, funny, touching movie too, care of the many personalities that [irector Tearepa] Kahi captures including Patea Māori Club veterans and extended whanau of the song's co-writer, the late Dalvanius Prime ... There's never been a better screen treatment of music and the people who make it to come out of New Zealand...
– NZ Herald critic Russell Baillie after the film's debut at the Auckland Film Festival, 15 July 2016
...[the] lovingly crafted, intimate documentary captures the anarchic spirit of the song and its creator Dalvanius Prime. The man whose name makes him sound like a Transformer was the ringmaster of the whole operation and his mana, determination and eccentricities are laid bare for all to see ...a terrific shared experience that will leave you tapping your toes, laughing at all the 80s fashions and culture, and smiling all the way home.
– James Croot in a review of the film, The Dominion Post, 6 August 2016, page C16