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Self Help

Web (Full Length Episodes) – 2022

I'm about to wake you up, and I know you're not going to like it, but this is the start of your new life —  the life of an athlete. By the way, we need to talk about calorie counting...
– Nikau's fit friend Caleb (Samuel Austin), at the start of episode three
...you've always been, like angsty, so here's what I'm thinking: you, me, mushies. I know you had a bad time on molly and you said you'd never do drugs again, but shrooms are really different. I have done a lot of my own research.
– Nikau's flatmate Lily (Ella Gilbert) leaves a message, at the start of episode four
Yay, I'm pumped. I get to spend quality time with my second favourite son. Just kidding! I only say that because you always say that.
– Jojo (Vanessa Rhodes) to her son Nikau, at the start of e two
Bro, you know we love you right. That's why we're all here. Look, ever since you got dumped you just haven't been yourself . . .we're just worried about you.
– Nikau's friend Rocky (Albert Latailakepa), in episode one