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Hero image for Shape of a Kiwi

Shape of a Kiwi

Television (Full Length) – 2004

It does seem to me that as a species we're not very good at coping with new luxuries and it doesn't matter whether it's a car or carpets or cellphones, these things are new and we grab them and we vastly overuse them...I don't think yet we've some to terms with having plenty to eat.
– Historian Tony Simpson on the human inability to enjoy things in moderation
When I first started at the Womans' Weekly and I used oil and garlic occasionally ... I'd get letters being quite cross with me for using that "foreign muck".
– Ex NZ Woman's Weekly Food Editor Tui Flower recalls how garlic was once considered a dodgy 'foreign' foodstuff
It wasn't just love that created our populations. It was a lot to do with being strategic...now if love and strategy fitted together all well and good, but I know for example my great great grandmother wasn't that keen at the age of 14 being offered to a 50-year-old Pākehā trader...
– Historian Paul Tapsell on the realities of marriage in colonial times