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Hero image for Timothy - performed by The Chicks

Timothy - performed by The Chicks

Television (Excerpts) – 1985

During the 1960s, two young sisters from Auckland took New Zealand’s music charts by storm. The Chicks — Judy and Sue Donaldson — were 14 and 16 years old when they were first discovered by musician Peter Posa. The duo became famous for their matching outfits, stylish hairdos and catchy pop songs, and their popularity was bolstered by regular performances on hip television music show C'mon. In this short clip the sisters reunite to perform top 10 hit 'Timothy', at a 1985 variety special celebrating the first 25 years of television in New Zealand.

At the end of each show [C'mon] was the week’s Top 10. In this segment it was just one verse and one chorus. That’s how we got so well known for ‘Timothy’ – it was in the top 10 for weeks so we got to sing it again and again and again.
– Judy Hindman (née Donaldson), in an interview with AudioCulture, 23 November 2017

Key Cast & Crew

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Keith Catchpole

Technical Director

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Malcolm Kemp


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Howard Anderson


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Graham Ridding


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John Neill


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Dean Cato

Production Designer