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Hero image for The Confessions of Prisoner 'T'

The Confessions of Prisoner 'T'

Television (Full Length) – 2013

If you've committed a fairly heinous crime, you shouldn't have any difficulty identifying the house where you've done that.
– Private investigator Tim McKinnel
So we went up there with my Aunty and that, when he first got arrested . . . When we went to see him, they brought him out and he was like crying. And when we saw him crying, we all started crying. We couldn't really talk that much.
– A member of Teina Pora's family recounts visiting him in Mount Eden Prison, early in the documentary
Cause I'm wanted . . . I'm wanted by the mobsters.
– Teina Pora, when police ask him why he confessed to Susan Burdett's murder
My mum said my dad was a good dad, you know. She said that he loved me.
– Teina Pora's daughter
...once you have a false confession . . . even the way the police investigate the case — you know, interview witnesses and collect evidence — may become contaminated . . . the other thing is that once there is a false confession, it is very difficult to correct it.
– Psychologist and false confession expert Gisli Gudjónsson
[Teina] Pora cannot remember what she is watching or wearing, and describes [Susan] Burdett as fair-looking and fat . . . so certainly that description of Burdett was nothing like what Burdett looked like.
– Intelligence analyst Mark Herrick on Teina Pora's description of his supposed victim, during a police interview
As a filmmaker of Māori descent, I feel both a sense of privilege and of responsibility to be able to use my craft to portray the story of a young Māori man who I believe has been tragically failed by a flawed justice system.
– Writer/director Michael Bennett, in a 24 April 2013 press release for this documentary