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The Deep End - The Wrestler

Television (Full Length) – 1980

The thing that scares me is just breaking my neck or having a kidney chopped in…
– Reporter Bill Manson
Six weeks from now you’ll know just enough to get your tail kicked and get it kicked good.
– A pro wrestler to Bill Manson
I want you to know this right from the start: it’s just about absolutely impossible to become a wrestler in six weeks time. The training you’d have to go through in that time would be far too much for any man to put in, let alone someone who’s not used to that type of training. You’re going to take so many knocks it’s not going to be funny.
– Steve Rickard
I could write a note to them, and say ‘My boy’s not really used to it, don’t gouge his eyes out’.
– Bill Manson's Mum
I thank Steve Rickard the wrestling impresario for saving my butt (although shredding my pride).
– Bill Manson remembers this episode