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The Leading Edge

Film (Full Length) – 1987

Parental Guidance
Scott Sinclair
Scott Sinclair
13 Mar 2020 - 01.49am
One of the best films of the 80's, and a great sound track. I even still have the vinyl of the title track "We are what we are". Good times skiing at Hutt with Daniel, Shara, Neil, Stephen, Tina, Christine and a few others I'm too old to remember!
6 Jan 2020 - 08.48pm
Loved this film back in the day and still do. Spent some time washing dishes at the Herm at Mt Cook - love the scene of the stack of brown plates going down. Pretty sure that's Wayne in the background washing out the rubbish truck. Thanks for this.
2 Sep 2016 - 02.26pm
It was released on DVD and a few years ago was able to pick it up for 9.99 at the warehouse, loved this movie as Bruce Grant was a hero of growing up and I still spend a lot of time around the Mackenzie Basin where a lot of this was filmed.
Elak Swindell
Elak Swindell
8 Nov 2012 - 06.17pm
I've managed to collect quite a few songs from the soundtrack, though I sure wish I could find the actual vinyl LP for sale. Right now, I have these tracks:

* Herbs - Traveling In Style
* Chris Thompson - Fight The Power
* Mike Farrell - Kea's Theme (Instrumental)
* Wayne Gillespie - Losing One
* Julie Collins - We Are The Strong (Recorded and enhanced from film)
* The Other Ones - We Are What We Are
* Melinda Forbes - Choo Choo Ch'Boogie (Recorded and enhanced from film)
* Billy T. James - Iron Man (Recorded and enhanced from film)
* David Woodbridge - Theme from The Leading Edge (Instrumental)

If anyone would like a copy of these tracks, write me at [email protected].
3 Oct 2012 - 11.11pm
I would like to have the track fight the power. does anyone have it??
Mike Jones
Mike Jones
4 Aug 2012 - 01.36pm
Hi Whutu

Would love to get a copy of this soundtrack. My original "tape" got eaten by my car cassette deck, in about '89.
I have a turntable that will copy to digital if you are in Christchurch. I have the DVD. [email protected]


13 Jul 2012 - 08.32pm
Whutu here.I forgot to mention I have a new unplayed L P sound track of this movie I have not yet played it...it's in mint condition..I showed it to some people and they did not get the importance of it...I will try to get it converted to digtal..at some stage..I bought it on trade me about six years ago.....for 10 bucks .What is the best way to convert this to a modern play format .......If anyone can share how to do it....All The Best Whutu.....WE ARE WHAT WE ARE...
8 Jul 2012 - 09.04pm
This was a life changing movie for me...I was a weekend warrior at whakapapa..did my knee in about the time this came out..stayed home and watched this while raiding the old's p*ss cabinet.Had to finish the apprenticeship that I was contracted to do.As soon as I was finished packed my bag for Q Town.......Skied/worked in eicharts/skied/drank p*ss/and had I cool time...Was fortunate to meet bruce grant and went to the pre party for K2 at sky line... when the floor was moving up and down...and talk to mark whetu...was so bummed out with the outcome of the trip even though I did not know him that well it hit home...Later worked on patrol for years and became good mates with the fella on Ruapehu...this is the kiwi version of the blizzard of aarrs..Thank you too all....all the best Whutu....
27 Jun 2012 - 09.46am
Amazing movie, I remember not only the movie but the adverts on TV. I'm not sure why but for some reason this movie just came to mind, maybe its because I'm stuck in London.
19 Jan 2012 - 02.58pm
@Elak; We Are What We Are, The Other Ones
Elak Swindell
Elak Swindell
5 Nov 2011 - 04.54pm
Can anyone share the soundtrack with me? Please contact at [email protected]. Thanks.
6 Oct 2011 - 09.00pm
This is going to be amazing (waiting for download)! I was 17 when it came out. A few years later in life I got to ski with most of the crew including the late Bruce Grant. Cheers Guys. Whhhhhoooo hoooo!
Paul Ward
15 Aug 2011 - 08.42pm
@Mike @alprout @GrantB @Patrick + you can now buy The Leading Edge on DVD from director Michael Firth's website: http://www.offtheedge.co.nz/shopping.html. We've added a link to the 'buy' tab above ...
5 Jul 2011 - 09.51pm
This movie now available on DVD on TradeMe. I am still looking for a copy of the sound track. Have discovered it was available on LP and cassette.
15 Jun 2011 - 11.01pm
I Have watched this movie more than top gun. And that is saying something, how do I buy the DVD or soundtrack?
28 May 2011 - 08.07pm
I remember the movie.. and am sure the video has not aged well, but the soundtrack I loved; I had it on tape for ages, but now can't find any of the tracks... if NZOS have the masters and the details.. can they release them?
1 May 2011 - 12.18pm
@Patrick Good point :) However this movie isn't available for sale anywhere, luckily we are able to have it in full here on NZ On Screen. For other titles we do have a BUY IT link if it's available on DVD - you'll find it in the share panel to the right of the player.
Patrick Kerr
Patrick Kerr
1 May 2011 - 11.59am
Hey great concept but where's the "Buy Me" part??? Isn't that the whole object of creating movies?
Melissa Taukiri
Melissa Taukiri
4 Apr 2011 - 10.17pm
I love this film, it was such a shame that everything was so badly dubbed but never took my enjoyment from it. My Dad worked on Ruapehu and a friend of his was in the Movie. Someone mentioned 'We are what we are' I remember taping it via the stereo because I loved it so much. Both the video and audio tapes disappeared a very long time ago, but so thrilled to find the film here!
20 Dec 2010 - 07.55pm
Ohhhh, just what I've been looking for! What a blast from the past, and as others have said, a huge influence on life :) Yeha!
10 Nov 2010 - 10.47pm
sweet. love the top of Mt Ruapehu. that mighty Volcanic Mountain. pure magic. you can blow me any time - remember '97?
17 Oct 2010 - 10.32pm
anyone know where I can get a copy of the soundtrack?
17 Oct 2010 - 10.30pm
Thanks SO MUCH for putting this up! This is a great reminder of the past!!!
16 Aug 2010 - 03.08pm
My partner has been bugging the National Film Archive for years asking if this is coming out on DVD or even if he can replace his old dead copy of VHS. He is going to flip out when he gets home and finds he can watch this here. Brilliant!
Richard Davies
Richard Davies
5 Aug 2010 - 09.53pm
Brilliant to have this online. I have watched it many times, always on scratchy VHS from Aro Video. I'm sure if you brought it out on DVD you would sell a fair number. Magic!
Clive Jones
Clive Jones
4 Aug 2010 - 11.47pm
At the very least it helps us to remember our friends who lived for the mountains and who are no longer with us.
25 Jul 2010 - 08.11pm
A blast from the past this one - found both the video and cassette sound track. great movie the real start to NZ adventure sport
4 Jul 2010 - 08.07pm
hey Christopher, would love to get a copy of your tape, email is michaejoxtra.co.nz.
have a great time.
keith lindley
keith lindley
9 Jun 2010 - 04.47pm
wish this was out on dvd. got an old dubed vhs tape someone gave me.i must of played it a thousand times and still don't get sick of it.
Christopher Waugh
Christopher Waugh
15 Apr 2010 - 01.45pm
I still have the cassette hidden away in my attic in my place in Wanaka. Unfortunately I'm currently living in London, so it might be a while before I can get my hands on it - but if you're interested I can take your contact info?

(This film was a significant influence on me as a teenager too. I washed dishes in Wanaka. It captured a spirit of innocent adventurism that I still value greatly. It's grand to be able to watch it here again. Go NZ)
3 Apr 2010 - 08.39am
Trying to find sound track recording from this film. I owned it on cassette tape. Can anyone help?
Laurence Fear
Laurence Fear
23 Feb 2010 - 06.51pm
Right you are Paul. Thanx! Your a legend. The Youtube music video doesn't really do it credit though. It fits so well into the Leading Edge movie. Captures the presence of off piste skiing.
Paul Ward
23 Feb 2010 - 04.48pm
Hi there -- yes the music credits are hard to decipher! I'm pretty sure that the song 'We are what we are' is sung by Aussie-German 80s band The Other Ones. Check out this YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMgrr-4Cg44
23 Feb 2010 - 04.32pm
Fantastic! I've been looking for this little gem for years. Who sings the "we are what we are" track? Can't quite make it out on the credits.
24 Jan 2010 - 08.53pm
This movie had a big influence on my life, I was a bored teenager, whose parents had broken up and had stopped taking us skiing. Yes I washed dishes in Queenstown, and snowboarded my youth away in the Southern Alps. Thanks for posting it!!!
Jason Button
Jason Button
4 Aug 2009 - 07.40pm
loved this movie as a teenager, pleased I can rewatch it now.
25 Jul 2009 - 06.05pm
At this stage we are not aware of any plans to release this film to DVD. If it is ever commercially available, we'll link to it from this page!

In the meantime, you can continue to watch it for free on NZ On Screen.
Richard Sidey
24 Jul 2009 - 08.16pm
Will this ever be released on DVD?
Dave Turnbull
5 Jun 2009 - 04.54pm
This film, I believe, has one of the best montage sequences in the history of Kiwi filmmaking. That, and the haircuts which defined 80s ski culture. If you're currently washing dishes for a job then this is the film for you!
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