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The London Connection

Television (Full Length) – 1999

London has changed, but we've changed too. Kerry [Fox] and Nathan [Haines] are both part of redefining New Zealand in the world. We're losing the sheep and butter image, and putting together a new identity.
– Presenter Gary McCormick
My job is to infuse a bit of New Zealand into people, rather than being Americanised. I think that's part of my job: to add a different vibe.
– MTV Europe head Brent Hansen
You pretty much get everything the flatters get but it's cheaper.
– A Kiwi dosser living in a van
Do I miss New Zealand? I do, but I really love London.
– Chef Peter Gordon
I have to say that as the afternoon progressed I began to worry about my country's image abroad. If Kiwis have been acting up like this over here for 20 years or more, what must the Poms think of us? And what will these girls' mums say when they see this?
– Presenter Gary McCormick reflects on an afternoon at expat bar The Church
For Nathan, London is the centre: that place Nathan has come to, to make his mark in his chosen art. And when he's done that, he's going to take what he's learned home. And maybe more than anything that's still the meaning of the London connection.
– Gary McCormick on musician Nathan Haines