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Hero image for Lynn of Tawa - Special

Lynn of Tawa - Special

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1980

Let's get this straight Bill, I didn't really sell Granny it's just one of the very generous trade in arrangements that we have down at Miracle Motors.
– Warren from Miracle Motors (Ken Blackburn) promotes his business
Tawa, it's worth 60 cents. If you don't go there, you won't go at all.
– Tawa local council promotes itself with a new slogan
I don't count Judas, of course. I like to think of Judas as the first player to switch to league.
– Rugby loving reverend Brian Trouser (Ross Jolly) explains his 11 apostles theory
Has anyone lost a great uncle recently, in say the last 50 or 60 years?
– Tawa medium Ivy Crystal (Judy Fyfe) is in contact with the other side
My friend Noelene couldn't come, she learns this African futility dancing at Naenae Tech. It's supposed to make the corn grow or something. Not a lot of call for that in Tawa.
– Lynn is disappointed her friend couldn't show her dancing skills
Who's Merv Wellington? Geez I don't understand half the jokes in this show.
– Lynn (Ginette McDonald) mentions the Minister of Education
My name's Lynn and I come from Tawa. That's up the line a bit, eh. The psychiatrical hospital's up there. Oh that's at one end eh, the borstal's at the other.
– Lynn (Ginette McDonald) opens her TV special with an introduction to Tawa's landmarks
Don't go changing...your pyjamas...the ones with the skid marks on the bum.
– Elton John parodies Billy Joel's pop hit 'Just the Way You Are'
I reckon those blokes like Des Britten and Graham Kerr and that have really made Gary think about food. Before he just used to have ordinary tomato sauce sandwiches and now he puts a bit of parsley on top, you know, for garnishing.
– Lynn likes the influence TV chefs are having on her boyfriend's palate
It happened all the time, even to the extent that I'd go to some upmarket function and people would say 'what are you doing here?' almost barring the door from this 'bogan'. But I'd grit my teeth. Even now I just think, 'well, I suppose it's a compliment', that it was such an organic thing that people really think that's me.
– Ginette McDonald on the power of her character Lynn of Tawa, Stuff, February 2016