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The Murder House

Short Film (Full Length) – 1998

Parental Guidance

"I hope you're braver than your brother." In this darkly humorous short film, a young schoolboy (James Ordish) finds the day plunging into nightmare, when he is sent for a visit to the school dental nurse. The nurse (a sly performance from future casting director Tina Cleary) takes pleasure in other people's pain. This overheated tale for the dental-wary was written by Ken Hammon, who was part of the boys' own team behind Peter Jackson's first splatter flick Bad Taste. Murder House director Warrick ‘Waka' Attewell writes here about how he set about turning filmmaking into a game for his junior cast. 

In the New Zealand of the 1960s, dental dinosaurs walked the Earth. Armed with agonising low-speed rotary drills, poorly trained dental nurses lurked like institutional torturers on the grounds of the nation's schools. The kids back then had a name for the school dental clinic: they called it The Murder House.
– Publicity material for this short film

Key Cast & Crew

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Waka Attewell


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Ken Hammon


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James Ordish

As: Sid

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Tina Cleary

As: Dental Nurse

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John Gilbert


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Jeremy Dempsey


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