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The Whole of the Moon Film (Excerpts) – 1996 Drama Romance

The Whole of the Moon

Film (Excerpts) – 1996 Drama Romance

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... a multi-tissue number for those of you who are readily made lachrymose, its grimness is relieved by a realist's humour, by deft changes of pace and scene, by the writers' keen ears for the truly vernacular, and by what I think can be called its poetry — that is rhythm, rhetoric, colour, energy and in this case uplift.
– Rick Bryant in Metro, February 1997
Excellent casting and performances, especially from leads Toby Fisher and Nikki Si'ulepa, carry off the many difficult emotional moments. [T]he authenticity of the script [...] was boosted by thorough research, in particular in the actors' meetings with young cancer patients.
– Helen Martin, in the book New Zealand Film 1912 - 1996
Writer/director Ian Mune skilfully avoids excessive or too-predictable playing of the heartstrings by offering two characters who have just enough emotional edge and anger to keep the inevitable interesting.
– Critic John Haslett Cuff, in the Toronto Globe and Mail