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Hero image for Viewfinder - 12 April 1984

Viewfinder - 12 April 1984

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1984

The right parking place, turn on the music, pass around a bottle and you’ve got your own nightclub on wheels. It’s mobile entertainment that’s deadly.
– Dave, on the problem of youths drunk driving in rural areas
It's just not realistic or practical.
– Minister of Education Merv Wellington, on why he won't allow students to see their marked School Certificate papers
There's not very much to do at night. Do cars provide a bit of an answer to that?
– David Hindley asks a traffic officer about entertainment options in Balclutha
It trickled down from Western Samoa and hit Auckland late last year.
– Pip Dann traces the path of breakdancing from New York to NZ
Breaking is the athletic mix of splits, headstands, spins and acrobatic turns. Each move is identified by names such as whirlwind, rockefeller and dolphin ...
– Pip Dann defines breaking
There’s a story in Balclutha that over a period of 10 years road accidents have wiped out a whole school class. While nobody has been able to identify that class, the story has some truth in it …
– Pip Dann