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Whale Rider

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2002

Parental Guidance

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Pai in Whale Rider.

©South Pacific Pictures.

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Pai in Whale Rider.

©South Pacific Pictures.

Rawiri Paratene as Koro in Whale Rider.

©South Pacific Pictures.

Keisha Castle-Hughes as Pai in a scene from Whale Rider.

©South Pacific Pictures.

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The Silent One

Another relationship between a child and a sea creature

Behind the Scenes of Whale Rider

Making of documentary


Actor Rawiri Paratene and a dolphin

The Lost Whales

Documentary about southern right whales

Kaleidoscope - Witi Ihimaera

Film about Whale Rider author Witi Ihimaera


Another tale of a Māori East Coast childhood


Cliff Curtis's first lead role in a feature film

The Day Morris Left

A short film starring Rawiri Paratene

Bad Note for a Heart

Straitjacket Fits music video directed by Niki Caro

E Tipu e Rea - Variations on a Theme

Short drama featuring Rawiri Paratene

Ngāti Porou East Coast 2001 - True Colours

A documentary on an East Coast community and their rugby...


Directed by Niki Caro

The Wall

Directed by Whale Rider’s casting director Diana Rowan

The Vintner's Luck

Also starring Keisha Castle-Hughes and directed by Niki Caro

For Arts Sake - Waiora

Rawiri Paratene also stars in this play

The Insatiable Moon

Rawiri Paratene stars

Joe and Koro - High Society

Also starring Rawiri Paratene

Illustrious Energy

Directed by Whale Rider cinematographer Leon Narbey

Old Bastards

Short film directed by Niki Caro

Va Tapuia - Sacred Spaces

Also shot by Leon Narbey

The Orator - O Le Tulafale

Also shot by Leon Narbey

Kaitangata Twitch - First Episode

Another determined young female Māori protagonist

12 Bar Rhythm 'n Shoes - Series Two, Episode One

Also features Vicky Haughton

Kiwi Flyer

Kiwi kids’ movie

Aroha: A Story of the Māori People

An earlier tale of a Māori woman caught between modernity...

Mt Zion

Another generational culture clash

Arriving Tuesday

Also stars Rawiri Paratene

White Lies

From the same producer and author

Nights in the Gardens of Spain

Another adaptation of an Ihimaera story

The Dark Horse

Also stars Cliff Curtis

The Almighty Johnsons - First Episode

Also stars Castle-Hughes

Among the Cinders

Another NZ-Germany co-production

Frontseat - Who Can Play Māori

Discussion on actors playing other races and iwi

The Graffiti of Mr Tupaia

Also starring Rawiri Paratene


Documentary about a musical project inspired by Witi...

The Painted Lady

A short film also starring a child actor

Beyond the Known World

Another international coproduction

Witi Ihimaera: Roimata Toroa

Witi Ihimaera returns home

Swagger - Series Four, Episode One

Swimming with whales off Tonga

Ngā Tamatoa: 40 Years On

Rawiri Paratene presents this 2012 documentary

Winners & Losers: Big Brother, Little Sister

Another adaptation of a Witi Ihimaera story

A Whale Out My Window

More whales

in beTWEEN - Politics

Rawiri Paratene talks about whales in this kids show

Aroha - Irikura

Cliff Curtis acts in this teleplay