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What We Do in the Shadows Film (Trailer) – 2014 Mockumentary Horror Comedy

What We Do in the Shadows

Film (Trailer) – 2014 Mockumentary Horror Comedy

R13 Restricted
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Actor/director Taika Waititi teamed up with his Eagle vs Shark star Jemaine Clement for this mockumentary about life for a flat of vampires. Cameras follow the vamps as they struggle to get into Wellington pubs, squabble over chores and face off against werewolves. A roster of Kiwi comedic talent (including Jackie van Beek and lazy vampire Jonathan Brugh) feature. After winning fangtastic reviews at America's Sundance and SXSW festivals, Shadows won a run of global sales and four Moa awards, including Best Self-Funded Feature. It also spawned two TV series, and a live show.

Yeah of course he looks delicious with his big red cheeks, but we've all got an agreement that we're not going to eat Stu. Right?
– Viago (Taika Waititi)

Produced by


Defender Films


Available on Amazon Prime and iTunes, and on DVD (in New Zealand) from Mighty Ape

World premiere on 19 January 2014 in Salt Lake City Utah, as part of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival

Released in New Zealand cinemas on 19 June 2014


Opening song 'You're Dead' composed by Norma Tanega and Norma Kutzer, and sung by Norma Tanega

Soundtrack includes music by Black Ox Orkestar, Printz Board, Antonia Vivaldi, NO, Lawrence Arabia, The Phoenix Foundation, Cloudboy, Module, and the Bosnian Muslims