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Hero image for Winners & Losers: After the Depression

Winners & Losers: After the Depression

Television (Full Length) – 1976

It is a hard, uncompromising story about an uncompromising man. This is, incidentally, one of the reasons why the cutting style in the film works. It is a very hard cutting style on a very hard character.
– Director Roger Donaldson in 1977 Department of Education booklet After the Depression - Shooting Script
[After the Depression] brought Winners and Losers to so fine a conclusion ... The cast made the most of their opportunities — especially the remarkable little four-year-old boy. I am hoping that we will have another chance to see this memorable sequence of New Zealand productions.
– Shirley Maddock in a Listener review of Winners and Losers, 5 June 1976
I want you to be angry.
– Bill's wife (Jane Thomas-John) to Bill (Clyde Scott)
Don't worry. Things will come right. You've just got to have some faith.
– Bill (Clyde Scott) looks on the bright side
We can't keep up. You keep getting ahead all the time.
– Bill's wife (Jane Thomas-John) to Bill (Clyde Scott)