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This lighthearted road movie follows three bogans on a mission to join the world of movies. After hearing that Peter Jackson is putting Lord of the Rings on film, they set off from West Auckland for Wellywood, hoping against the odds to score acting roles as hobbits. Written by actor Peter Tait — with help from his bogan co-stars and director Grant Lahood — the film also features a memorable cameo by Madeline Sami, plus a blink-and-you-ll miss it appearance by Mr Jackson himself. And some of the cast really did appear in The Lord of the Rings....

Credits (16)

 Grant Lahood
 Peter Tait
 Carolyn Avery

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Comments (3)

 Harmony Aquarian

Harmony Aquarian

Better than Lord of the Rings by a mile.

 alan harvie

alan harvie

Hi my name is alan..great film!! google Hoods at the drome Produced by Mat gaye my nephew that sadly passed away,starring Mat and myself
ajharvie kia Kaha NZ



Great work! I love it.
Greetings from Germany, Simone

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