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After his Mother gets infected by a bite from a deadly Sumatran Rat Monkey, Lionel (an award-winning Tim Balme) has to contend with a plague of the living dead while attempting to woo the love of his life, Paquita. Peter Jackson had already been tagged with the title  ‘The Sultan of Splatter’ after his first two pictures; but in this deliriously liquid romp, he takes a Flymo to fusty 1950s New Zealand and takes cinematic gore to a whole new extreme in the process.


A perspective by Costa Botes 22.08.2008

Peter Jackson had already been tagged with the nom de guerre, ‘The Sultan of Splatter' by fans of his first two pictures; but in this deliriously liquid romp, he took cinematic gore to a ...

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Credits (28)

 Peter Jackson
 Jim Booth
 Fran Walsh

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Great film, bad taste just as good. Jock Ayrshire



I LOOOVVEEE this film!!! I love the gory special effects, they're amazing!!



I've always loved this film - it's a NZ classic. Why we still can't get the DVD in this country I'll never know.

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 WingNut Films


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 The Peter Jackson Collection


Comedy with heart, guts and offal. 
The film is basically like a theatrical farce in many ways. Lionel ends up with a problem of having all these zombies in his house, without wanting anyone else to find out about it. ..every possible thing that could go wrong, does go wrong. 
From the first scene - a funky parody of Raiders of the Lost Ark - Dead Alive is stylistically a comedy, with hilarious slapstick performances, most notably from the very talented (Tim) Balme....If there's any justice, this one should play forever in midnight screenings. Great stuff. 


1993 New Zealand Film and TV Awards
Best Film
Director: Peter Jackson
Screenplay: Peter Jackson, Stephen Sinclair and Fran Walsh)
Male Performance: Tim Balme
Contribution to Design: Richard Taylor

1993 Fantasporto International Festival of Cinema (Portugal)
Main Award - Best International Fantasy Film
Best Special Effects

1993 Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival (France)
Grand Prize for Best Film

1992 Rome Fantasy Film Festival
Best Actor: Tim Balme
Best Special Effects

1992 Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (Spain)
Nominated for Best Film