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  1. The long-running 1980s version of Goodnight Kiwi.


Before 24-hr TV, there was Goodnight Kiwi, a short animation that bade viewers goodnight once the day's broadcasting ended. Each night the plucky Kiwi shut up shop at the TV station, put out the milk, and caught the lift up the tower to sleep in a satellite dish with The Cat. For a generation of kids Goodnight Kiwi became a much-loved symbol of staying up well past your bedtime. Viewers never questioned why our nocturnal national icon was going to bed at night, or sharing a bed with a cat. The tune is an arrangement of a Māori lullaby, 'Hine e Hine'.

Credits (3)

 Gary Potts
 Sam Harvey
 Bernie Allen

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Everlasting memory!

 Belinda Gutierrez

Belinda Gutierrez

First time watching it. Loved it to pieces!! Thanks and goodnite from Grandma Mimo in Texas



Goodnight Kiwi makes me smile from my head to my toes, all these years later. :-)

 Ben Neho

Ben Neho

Brings back memories alright

 Lee K.

Lee K.

This little animation and the soundtrack that goes with it, remains the most wonderful, heart-rending thing I have ever seen on TV. Please, please, somehow, somewhere, could it return?

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