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  1. Part one of five of this full length episode from An Immigrant Nation.

  2. Part two of five of this full length episode from An Immigrant Nation.

  3. Part three of five of this full length episode from An Immigrant Nation.

  4. Part four of five of this full length episode from An Immigrant Nation.

  5. Part five of five of this full length episode from An Immigrant Nation.

  6. The credits for this episode of An Immigrant Nation.


Bagpipes, haggis, and the heartbreak of leaving home; Hoots Mon examines those who have migrated from Scotland to Aotearoa. In the 1840s a group of Scots settlers started a new life in Dunedin, after breaking off from the Church of Scotland. Ayrshire-born director John Bates talks to some of their descendants, and heads to the far north to interview others with Caledonian roots, in Waipu. Alongside some impressive Richard Long camerawork, the interviews include composer Steve McDonald, whose ancestral research has inspired several Celtic-themed albums. 

Credits (7)

 John Bates
 Karen Bates
 Jonathan Roper

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Comments (4)

 Geoff Crolley

Geoff Crolley

Seems strange that recently the New Zealand company, Infratil, rebranded the Ayrshire airport near Robert Burns Birthplace, as Glasgow Prestwick Airport.
Surely, The Robert Burns International Airport, Prestwick, would have made more chests fill with pride than that?
Scots rename a part of New Zealand as Mosgiel and New Zealanders rename a part of Ayrshire as Glasgow; wierd!!

 Richard Long

Richard Long

Many years have past since working on this program, I'm so proud to have been a part of John's vision and the history of the Scots here in New Zealand.

 Julie Hill

Julie Hill

The video is quite a large file and if your internet connection isn't that great it could be that you need to click pause and let it load (the blue bar moves along until it's all loaded) and then click play.

Alternatively there is a low resolution version that you can choose by selecting the Lo/Hi button just under the player - if you select the low one then it should play better for you.

Let us know if you still have problems!

 Catherine A. Macleod

Catherine A. Macleod

The link to this was sent to me, as convener of the Auckland Gaelic Society, by Lisa Preston.
I'd love to be able to watch it but I think it's drunk & plays a second or two bit at a time & then stops.
I've even typed it into my WIE address bar, hoping that would help, but to no avail!
Is it you or is it me. I've not had a dram today yet.

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