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When his father dies, Paul, a world-weary war journalist, returns to his Central Otago hometown. He strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young girl. Their relationship is frowned upon by and when she disappears, the community holds him responsible. The events that follow force Paul to confront a tragic incident he fled as a youth, and to face dark adult secrets. In My Father's Den marked the debut of a formidable fledgling talent. It was tragically also the last feature for writer-director Brad McGann, who died of cancer in 2007.


A perspective by Richard King 22.08.2008

After their collaboration on the short film Possum (1997), producer Trevor Haysom felt Brad McGann had the right sensibility to write a ...

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Credits (22)

 Brad McGann
 Dixie Linder
 Trevor Haysom

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stumble across this by accident recently. Marvellous. Now recommending to all my freinds.

 Darian Zam

Darian Zam

I didn't see this until five years after it was released, but it quickly became my favourite film to come out of New Zealand in the last decade.


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Beautifully filmed and totally absorbing mystery about family secrets. 
Brad McGann’s brilliant, involving and ultimately devastating version of In My Father’s Den is that rare type of adaptation: one that doesn’t just successfully translate a great book (although that’s rare enough), but just as successfully updates it and refreshes it, finding new ways into its difficult emotions, amplifying and renewing its themes. [...] His film is one seriously impressive achievement. 
But then I had a dream that prompted me to think about it in another way, something that could be set in a different location and based in contemporary times. It meant making some integral changes and taking a different approach. 


2005 New Zealand Screen Awards
Best Film
Director: Brad McGann
Screenplay: Brad McGann
Actor: Matthew MacFadyen
Actress: Emily Barclay
Supporting Actor: Colin Moy
Supporting Actress: Jodie Rimmer
Cinematography: Stuart Dryburgh
Editing: Chris Plummer
Contribution to a Soundtrack: Richard Flynn, Chris Burt and Gethin Greagh

Nominated for Original Music (Simon Boswell)

2005 British Independent Film Awards
Best Actor: Matthew McFadyen
Most Promising Newcomer: Emily Barclay

2005 Seattle International Film Festival
Special Jury Prize - New Director's Showcase

2005 Dinard British Film Festival (France)
Golden Hitchcock for Best Film
Audience Award
Best Cinematography: Stuart Dryburgh

2005 Shanghai Film Festival
Best Cinematography: Stuart Dryburgh
Nominated for Best Film

2004 Toronto International Film Festival
International Critics FIPRESCI Prize

2004 San Sebastian International Film Festival (Spain)
Youth Jury Prize