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Kaitangata Twitch follows 12-year-old Meredith, who sees eerie visions as a Governors Bay island is drilled for mining. The Māori Television series was adapted from a Margaret Mahy story by long-time collaborator Yvonne Mackay. Mahy makes a rainbow-wigged cameo in this episode where the locals protest a subdivision, and Meredith apprehends the island's 'twitch'. Newcomer Te Waimarie Kessell stars, with Charles Mesure and George Henare. The mix of the Māori concept of wairua with a willful 21st Century teenage heroine won a Remi Award at Worldfest-Houston 2010.

Credits (26)

 Yvonne Mackay
 Chris Hampson

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 Meti Kerehoma( Graham)

Meti Kerehoma( Graham)

I watched this on TV in Melbourne last week. Good story and good acting.


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... according to the legend the cannibal’s spirit was absorbed into the land, and when he’s angry or hungry he [the ahi kaa] comes to life: the so-called ‘Kaitangata Twitch’. It’s freaky eh! 
You think anyone can own the land? The land owns you, not the other way around! 
Mere - wake up! You’ve been dreaming weird again! 


2011 Aotearoa Film and Television Awards
Best Children's/Youth Programme

2011 Sir Julius Vogel Award (for best dramatic presentation).

2011 Kidscreen Awards

2010 Worldfest-Houston
Platinum Remi Award (top prize in the TV Mini-series category)

2010 Prix Jeunese (Germany)
Nominated in 7-11-year-old Fiction category

2010 Qantas Film and TV Awards
Best Performance by an Actor: George Henare
Best Sound Design: Steve Finnigan, James Hayday & Tom Miskin
Best Production Design: Gary Mackay

Nominated for Best Children's/Youth Programme, Best Performance by a Supporting Actress (Miriama Smith), Best Script - Drama/Comedy Programme (Michael Bennett), Best Cinematography - Drama/Comedy Programme (David Paul), Best Original Music (Gareth Farr)

2010 Prix Jeunese (Germany), 2010 Worldfest-Houston