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This episode of the Loose Enz series features small town intrigue in Hawkes Bay. Prickly, violin playing, ex-POW Austin (Derek Hardwick) refuses to retire despite handing over the farm to son Wesley (Goodbye Pork Pie director Geoff Murphy) — and the impending sale of the neighbouring property (to Japanese buyers) puts him on the warpath one boozy night at the local. Rural land politics and identities are nicely observed, the farmers’ band is delightfully chaotic (with Paul Holmes as a sax-playing fencer), and the Land Rover stuck in reverse is worthy of Fred Dagg.

Credits (22)

 Murray Reece
 Tony Isaac
 S.G. Walker

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Our father who ought to be in heaven 
Some of us are pretty concerned about the way things are going, you know. Commies and pommies running the trade unions and now overseas interests buying the farmlands. What happens to the poor old kiwi in the middle?  
I’m simply selling my land to the highest bidder