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A documentary about the fashion industry in Dunedin - a city that seems to turn out more than its fair share of fashion designers. Made for TVNZ’s Artsville strand, the doco features designers Margi Robertson (NOM*d), Tanya Carlson (Carlson), Veronica Keucke (Keucke) and Juliet Fay (Aduki). Prominent fashion journalist (turned author) Stacy Gregg talks about how Dunedin is the source of the "dark intellectualism of New Zealand fashion". The southern styles are set to a soundtrack of Flying Nun bands, and there are excerpts from some classic Nun clips.

Credits (8)

 Kate Cresswell
 Colin Hogg
 Roger Green

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...Dunedin boasts more than two dozen fully-operational clothes designers, complete with offices and retail stores, cutting rooms and various plans for world domination.  
In dark, moody Dunedin they haven't had to cope with anything as fatuous as fashion since the 80s, and all those dark, brooding Southern rock bands.  
"They were cold and they were poor and you could see those stylistic influences ... things they'd developed in their flats to resolve those problems became Margi's [NOM*d designer Margi Robertson] style solutions as well ..."