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In the anthropomorphic (and non-PC) tradition of the chimpanzee zoo tea party and PG tips ads comes this contribution to the genre from the National Film Unit. Here chimpanzees provide safe cycling lessons for children. Chaplin-esque scenes ensue as Charlie the Chimp disregards road-rules: "if that young monkey gets to school in one piece he'll be lucky ... he'll get killed sure as eggs". The quaint film — directed by pioneering woman filmmaker Kathleen O'Brien — is from another world to the brutality of contemporary road safety promos.

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Interesting how it's the monkeys fault when a car reverses out in front of him without looking... nothing much seems to have changed there!

...and next time I have to slow down for a crossing, I'll remember to remove my hands from the brakes and do the stop signal!

 Ron Philips

Ron Philips

I used this film to teach road safety in the 70's great film still got the message through up until 80's good to see it back.

 Patrick Morgan

Patrick Morgan

It's time for a re-make. Stay tuned.


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