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  1. The first of three excerpts from this episode of Our People Our Century.

  2. The second of three excerpts from this episode of Our People Our Century.

  3. The third of three excerpts from this episode of Our People Our Century.

  4. The credits from this episode of Our People Our Century.


This episode of the six-part Our People, Our Century series explores the mix of cultures that Aotearoa-New Zealand has become. In these excerpts, a Chinese Kiwi family speaks of the racism they experienced, from the poll tax of the 1890s to their relative isolation — despite living in downtown Wellington. Artist Trevor Moffitt describes his father's “heavy silent disapproval” at his artwork; Moffitt went on receive acclaim for paintings that explore themes of NZ identity. Finally, mixed marriages between Māori and Pākehā shed some light on biculturalism.

Credits (10)

 Chris Wilks
 Ray Waru

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Comments (4)



Where can we see the entire series???



Yes it would be great to see more of this episode and series -

 Kim Baker

Kim Baker | website

Hi Stan, great to read your comment on this episode and the series. thank you. We are in discussions with the licensor about extending the material we have for the series.

Further information: DVDs of the series are available for loan from NZ libraries. Some retail/video rental outlets have the DVD for sale too, like Aro Video in Wellington.



This is only a small clip of the whole series.
Ninnox made a bold attempt with this series to capture a cross section of New Zealand history of various ethnicities.
I think they did a great job and am proud to have been one of the participants.
In a hundred years time our decendants may look at this grand documentary and thank the producers, directors and persons that helped establish both ordinary and extraorinary history and what it took to say "I am Kiwi.."
However, it is best you see ther entire series.

Stan Chun
New Zealand
8th October, 2013.

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