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  1. The trailer for this feature film.

  2. A 10 minute excerpt from this feature film.

  3. 'The Tragedy' featurette

  4. 'Honouring Aramoana' featurette

  5. 'The Making of Out of the Blue' featurette

  6. On Set (B Roll Footage)

  7. Interview with Robert Sarkies

  8. Interview with Matt Sunderland

  9. Interview with Karl Urban

  10. Interview with Paul Glover

  11. Interview with Simon Ferry

  12. Interview with Tandi Wright


In November 1990, misfit loner David Gray (played by Matthew Sunderland) murdered 13 of his neighbours in the seaside town of Aramoana near Dunedin. His rampage lasted 22 hours before he was gunned down by police. Out of the Blue is a dramatised re-enactment of these traumatic events. Directed by Robert Sarkies and co-written with Graeme Tetley, this gut-wrenching film did respectable box office and was lauded at 2008's Qantas Film and TV Awards, winning most feature categories, including best film and screenplay. Warning: excerpt contains realistic gun violence.

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Comments (3)

 guy robertson

guy robertson

I can't find the movie either, Ricki. Will keep searching. Guy the Canadian



Im in the USA and I'd love to be able to see this film. Is there a timetable for it to be avail on Amazon or Netflix?

 Riki Agnew

Riki Agnew

Hi, I'm a Dunedinite living in Japan so I don't have access to this movie. Japan is saturated with mainstream rubbish from Hollywood, so a gem like "Out of the blue" is highly unlikely to find its way on to the shelves of video stores here. I would very much like to buy a DVD (suited to the Japanese DVD format, NZ has a different system) but I don't know where to look. If anyone could help me find a site where I can order the movie I'd very much appreciate it. My hat is off to the makers of this movie and the way they handled it. Makes me proud to be a kiwi.

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2008 Qantas Film and Television Awards
Best Picture - Budget over $1 Million
Best Screenplay - Film: Graeme Tetley and Robert Sarkies
Achievement in Cinematography - Film: Greig Fraser
Achievement in Editing - Film: Annie Collins
Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role - Film: Matthew Sunderland
Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role - Film: Karl Urban

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress (Tandi Wright), Sound Design (Dave Whitehead) and Production Design (Phil Ivey)