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Stunt driver Judd (US Oscar winner Cliff Robertson) and his mechanic Casey (ex child star Leif Garrett) are in NZ racing 'Shaker' — their pink and black Trans-Am — when they're enlisted by scientist Dr Christine Ruben on a fast and furious dash from Dunedin. Unknown to the Yanks, Ruben (Lisa Harrow) has stolen a deadly virus that she's aiming to smuggle to the CIA, and away from the NZ military — who plan to use it for bio warfare! Touted as "fantasy car violence", the chase and stunt-laden Run was one of dozens of films sped out under an 80s tax break scheme.

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Bruce Morrison’s film is fast, furious and not exactly an aesthetic experience, capable as the playing is. Without question, though, it has the best stunts ever accomplished in a New Zealand picture, some of them quite breathtaking. 
We were trying within a sort of comic-book, fast-moving style for as much reality as possible, so it was fast-for-fast and stunts-for-real. We were also after a general certificate, so I had much pleasure in expunging most blood, violence (except auto-violence) and overt sex. It made me feel quite wholesome. 
Please drive home safely. 
Fantasy car violence.