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Shaker Run Film – 1985 Drama Action

Shaker Run

Film – 1985 Drama Action

PG Parental Guidance
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Stunt driver Judd (US Oscar winner Cliff Robertson) and his mechanic Casey (ex child star Leif Garrett) are in NZ racing 'Shaker' — their pink and black Trans-Am — when they're enlisted by scientist Dr Christine Ruben on a fast and furious dash from Dunedin. Unknown to the Yanks, Ruben (Lisa Harrow) has stolen a deadly virus that she's aiming to smuggle to the CIA, and away from the NZ military — who plan to use it for bio warfare! Touted as "fantasy car violence", the chase and stunt-laden Run was one of dozens of films sped out under an 80s tax break scheme.

Bruce Morrison’s film is fast, furious and not exactly an aesthetic experience, capable as the playing is. Without question, though, it has the best stunts ever accomplished in a New Zealand picture, some of them quite breathtaking.
– Derek Malcolm, London Film Festival, 1985

Produced by

Mirage Films


Title licensed by Sales Agency NZ Film Sales.


Soundtrack composed by Stephen McCurdy

Song 'America' written and performed by Shona Laing (bar scene)