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  3. Part three of three from this full length documentary.


This documentary follows the 1973 Heatway Rally, a mud and oil-splattered event in which 120 drivers covered 3600 miles over eight days. Directed by Tony Williams, it was a major logistical exercise, with five camera units, shot by a who’s who of the 70s NZ film industry. In addition to high speed on-and-off road action, it includes an explanation of what co-drivers actually do, a chance for a driver’s wife to ride in a rally car, and driving and cornering montages set to orchestral accompaniment. It won the Feltex Award for best documentary.


On Making Rally by Tony Williams 12.11.2010

This year [1973] the rally would cover both islands of New Zealand. It became a logistical nightmare. I spent weeks driving all over NZ with the rally director as he surveyed the course. I shot hundreds of stills, and cross referenced them to ...

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Credits (25)

 Tony Williams
 John O'Shea
 Ian John

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The driver's wife is Margaret Marshall, a wonderful lady.

 Graeme Pedersen

Graeme Pedersen

Awesome footage and commentary, they don't make "Doco's" like that anymore.

 Carl Rabbidge

Carl Rabbidge

So Richard you were the one who informed Robbo that leaning over the bonnet of the Mini was a way to keep your feet dry, he didn't have a good sense of humour then either did he

 Richard Rasmussen. Co Driver.

Richard Rasmussen. Co Driver.

"BUGGAR ME" !!!! Had a bit of a look at the doco. and I'm in it !!!! Thats me in the Blue Mini coming into the ford and ending up High and Dry. Then I jump out ( Co Driver in Blue Overalls) and try and push use off, then about 8 or 10 other cars come flying in and you see me pushing someone else. Only pushing him because I want him the Hell out of there so we can get out . I"ve been bloody pissed off about it for !!!!! 39yrs. !!!!! Came flying around a corner knowing there's a Ford there, and then, "BOOM"!!!! Bloody big bright light to the left of us and up high. Can only be a Rally Car stuck in a Tree. "NO" Bloody film crew!!

 Morris carter

Morris carter

A great piece of NZ Rally history. Those were the real days of rallying Great to see some Maxda Rx2s running as I competed in one in club rallies in the late 70s.

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 The Tony Williams Collection


Did you bloody well get it on film or not? 
I had the privilege to ride with the top five drivers in the world and it scared the pants off me. 
The night times, I think, are the worst when you're sitting home on your own. You know that somewhere in the backblocks they're going one hundred odd miles an hour. It really is quite nerve wracking. I don't think anyone could sleep properly with her husband on a rally. 


1974 Feltex Awards
Best Documentary